• Hong Kong Mega Show-Lifestyle
    2023 / Sep / 23

    Hong Kong Mega Show-Lifestyle

    This is how we roll! Skate on over to the 2023 Hong Kong Mega Show and check out all the new Lifestyle products at the JoyFun! booth.

  • Hong Kong Mega Show-Lifestyle
    2023 / Sep / 21

    Hong Kong Mega Show-Lifestyle

    📞 Hello??? JoyFun! is calling to invite you to join us at the 2023 Hong Kong Mega Show and check out our new Lifestyle collections! See ya there!⁠

  • Macramé
    2023 / Apr / 28


    Calling all macramé makers, we have all the tools for your trade!
    Stock up on all your must-have macramé supplies and let’s get crafting!

  • Pulp Plant Pots
    2023 / Apr / 25

    Pulp Plant Pots

    Be kind to the Earth and go green this Spring with our assortment of biodegradable paper planters. 🌱🌍💚

  • 3-D  decoration
    2023 / Apr / 21

    3-D decoration

    Create your own 3-D hanging wall décor that will bring some fun to any space! Our fun and unique DIY character kits are quick, easy and mess free! 🐼💕🐰

  • Puzzle
    2023 / Apr / 19


    Take a brain break with our collection of wood puzzles and games! Solve these fun puzzles on your own or with help from your friends and family.! 🧩


Established in 2000, Joyful Lands Craft Co., Ltd., as known as JLC, is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in the craft industry in Asia. Specializing in stationery and paper goods, we work closely with our partners to ensure on-time delivery of exclusive, custom-designed collections.
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